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Ascend Business Brokers assists individual Buyers and investment groups in Massachusetts and throughout New England in their search to buy the right business. Buying a business is an important, often life-changing experience. We are committed to finding the right business for each Buyer, whether it be a small business for an individual Buyer or a middle-market business (or division) for a corporate buyer or investor group.
Buyer Registration Documents

All prospective Buyers are required to complete and return a 
Confidentiality Agreement, a Buyer Registration Profile, and a Personal Financial Statement prior to receiving any confidential information concerning a business opportunity.  These documents are in PDF format, requiring Adobe Reader  software.  Should you need to download Adobe Reader software, you may do so at the Adobe Homepage. 
Targeted Business Acquisition Search

Ascend Business Brokers typically represents the Seller of a business. However, our services for Buyers include a Targeted Business Acquisition Search that has been remarkably successful in generating deal flow and in completing acquisitions. It is often said that the best businesses to acquire are not presently for sale. The Targeted Business Acquisition Search is specifically designed to uncover these business opportunities. We are compensated by the Buyer when performing a Targeted Business Acquisition Search.

The steps in our Targeted Business Acquisition Search program generally include:

  • Establish Desired Acquisition Criteria
  • Address Valuation Issues
  • Identify Targeted Business Candidates
  • Multi-channel Marketing to Targeted Business Candidates
  • Screening of Identified Targeted Business Candidates
  • Deal Structure 
  • Memorandum of Offer
  • Due Diligence
  • Financing Arrangements
  • Negotiation of Acquisition Documents
  • Closing Transaction

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